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πŸ’Ό Hire OS - The Ultimate Hiring Workflow Solution

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Are you someone who actively works with Freelancers or Contractors?

Then I am pretty sure hiring the right talent would have been a real pain. When running a business you always get into situations where you now need to hire for a new type of work and you don't have already known freelancers who can do it for you.

It's a wild chase for the best freelance talent that you can have onboard.

Here's how versatile Hire OS is.

That's where Hire OS comes in handy - The Ultimate Hiring toolkit for smart, efficient freelance hiring built on Notion

Hire OS is the ultimate hiring solution for modern recruiters looking to streamline their hiring process for their businesses.

Hire OS Features

  • A Complete Step-by-step Guide to hiring the perfect freelancer
  • Project Requirement Document Template to help you define the project perfectly
  • 50+ Ready to use Job Descriptions Library for you to hire for roles
  • 25+ Freelance Job Platforms Library that you can consider posting your job
  • In-built Applicant Tracker for you to manage your hiring pipeline
  • All types of editable Freelancer Contract templates for - Hourly, Project-based, and Monthly Retainer payment options

This Hire OS has helped 100+ product & service-based businesses and agencies to hire 1000+ freelancers over the past 2 years. Now you have your hands on such a proven and tested workflow for your hiring πŸš€

With Hire OS, you'll be able to manage your hiring activities from start to finish, start defining your project & hiring goals, write the job descriptions, post on platforms, receive proposals, keep track of applicants, and stay on top of your hiring process to get top talent. The template is easy to use and fully customizable to fit your specific hiring needs.

Don't let hiring management stress you out, try Hire OS today!"


Used & trusted by 100+ product & service businesses across the globe.


" I've been using Hire OS for over a year now and it's completely transformed the way we recruit new talent. With its powerful workflow management and library of ready-made templates for Job descriptions which pretty much covered 90% of the roles that we hired for, saved a lot of time for us. With Hire OS we were able to quickly and easily find the best candidates for our open positions."

John More
Small business owner


"I never used a dedicated hiring product or tool, Hire OS was really easy and friendly to use. It has a clean UI as it's built with my favorite tool - Notion. I love it, whenever I have to hire for a new role, I just quickly create a fresh Hiring role on the tool and edit out certain templates, use the library to find the platform, and track the applicants using the tracker. It makes my life so easy as I run my SaaS business."

Sarah Williams,


"I am the only HR at my company. Our CEO recommended we check out Hire OS. Incorporating this tool in our hiring workflow has made hiring communications much easier for us, it has improved my productivity a lot and I have started to just make use of Hire OS for all the hiring we do, and it just works all the time"

Talent Acquisition - Freelancer


"I didn't want to use a completely new tool for hiring management. I have been one of the early users of Notion right from when it launched. So I always preferred something that is built on it, If it's Notion it already makes your life much easier. I didn't give it a second thought and I never had to look into my hiring workflow ever since I started using Hire OS"

Agency Owner



Who is Hire OS suitable for?

It's designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it a great solution for small business owners, founders, HR managers, and agency owners who handle multiple hiring projects to hire for different roles.

If I buy this, how long will I be able to use Hire OS for hiring talent?

With Hire OS, you have the flexibility to manage any number of hiring projects you desire. There is no limit on the number of times you can use Hire OS and you will have Life Time Access to the same.

Can I get customizations done for my business?

Yes, we do offer customization options to tailor Hire OS to your specific needs. For more advanced customizations or integrations, we recommend reaching out to our team directly. They can provide you with more information and guide you through the process to ensure that your needs are met.

What is the refund policy if I don't find Hire OS useful?

If you don't find Hire OS useful, you can reach out to the company's customer support team by emailing here within the first 30 days after purchase and we will provide you with a partial refund. We value our customers and want to ensure that they are satisfied with our product. If you have any issues with the tool or find that it's not a good fit for your business, it's best to contact the support team to inquire about your options.

We are dedicated to providing you with the support you need to make the most of Hire OS.

Whether you have a question or need help getting started, our team is here to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out and let us help you achieve a more organized and streamlined hiring workflow for your team.

Check out our website at www.gethireos.com

Any questions?

Something else? Chat with our friendly team via Chat

Hire OS is a one-stop shop that provides a comprehensive toolkit that has everything that will lead you toward the right talent that you can hire for your business needs.

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A Comprehensive hiring workflow management tool built on Notion.

A Complete Step-by-step Guide on Hiring
Project Requirement Document Template
50+ Ready to use Job Descriptions Library
25+ Freelance Job Platforms Library
In-built Applicant Tracker
3 Editable Freelancer Contract templates


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πŸ’Ό Hire OS - The Ultimate Hiring Workflow Solution

7 ratings
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